Wspieramy Dzieciaki Chojraki z RogaLOVE

This year, for the first time, began RogaLOVE  (it’s a combination of the Polish word for croissant and the English word - love) action. The income from the sale of these croissants, will be devoted for the improvement of conditions and medical aid for the treatment of children with cancer. The action is conducted in cooperation with  Dzieciaki Chojraki - Association for the Development of Children's Bone Marrow Transplant and Oncology.


In Wielkopolska, November 11 is not only the National Independence Day. This day is also celebrated as St. Marcin’s name-day, which brings about the tradition of baking St. Martin croissants.

Everybody can help by buying croissants from https://e-torty.pl/rogalove. The action will last until November 17, 2018. We cordially invite you to take part and help the Children!

For more information please go to http://rogalove.pl/